Dienstag, 25. Februar 2014

How To Locate The Best Buyers When Trying To Sell Your Home

I've noticed that more and more sellers, probably more than ever before since I've been an investor, are looking to get on with selling homes fast. Many of these sellers to their real estate agents first, and by doing so they seem to think their agent and everyone else involved will share their anxiety. Well, it simply won't work that way when you're selling houses fast. How it works is quite different, but it's pretty simple when you understand the reality of it.

I have become quite familiar with various levels of pricing in the local real estate markets where I operate my business, and understand that those levels change over time. Naturally, market prices fluctuate due to the economy, especially right now. Certain buyers pay more than other buyers in any economy, so I plan my marketing and sales activities on the various types of buyers I am acquainted with. Probably the biggest difference between various types of people trying selling a house is just how fast they can close on a sale, meaning, how fast they can come up with the money.

Selling houses fast is primarily due to two things, which are finding the buyer and getting the right buyer with enough money to close the sale now. Sometimes a home seller can run across issues that cause delays in closing, but this is not as common as sellers having their own issues. Typical delays are all about buyer financing, especially in the current mortgage market. Buyers and sellers are all devastated when a buyer with a good job and a good credit rating is denied a mortgage loan for inexplicable reasons, a somewhat common occurrence.

I assure you that finding your perfect buyer, the person or the couple with the motivation and the cash to close quickly is much faster if you call investors who buy and sell houses. Investors might decide to keep some of the houses they buy as rentals, but more often they repair and remodel their houses and re-sell them in order to profit while trying to sell your house.

I doubt you can find a better way or a faster way, when you're focused on how to sell your house, than deciding to work with real estate investors who pay cash and close quickly. For the most part, it's much faster than working with typical homeowners. You get to decide whether you're more interested in a higher selling price, usually to a homeowner, or a very fast and easy close, usually to an investor. It's your call.